Product Name: BITUMEN 35/50

General information:


  • DESCRIPTION: 35/50 Penetration Grade Bitumen is produced from the vacuum distillation of crude oil and is classified according to its penetration range.
  • USES: 35/50 Penetration Grade Bitumen is used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for base courses and wearing courses.
  • PROPERTIES: 35/50 Penetration Grade Bitumen is a thermoplastic material which softens gradually as it is heated and hardens as it is cooled. This unique temperature/viscosity relationship is important when determining its performance parameters and application temperatures. Unlike modified binders, penetration grade bitumen acts as a Newtonian fluid at high in-service temperatures, which allows one to establish a temperature/viscosity relationship.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Asphalt mixing temperature range from 150°C – 160°C. Asphalt compaction temperature range between 135°C – 145°C. Maximum storage temperatures for less than 24 hours, 160°C and more 24 hours, 140°C
  • Packing: 180(Kg) new steel drum



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