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Emulsion Bitumen
Emulsion Bitumen


A mixture of water & bitumen is called bitumen emulsion. The source of bitumen
is petroleum and we can find it both in nature or produce it in refineries. As you
know, bitumen is an oil product and it cannot be mixed with water. That is why we
add an emulsifier (a surface active agent) with water before adding bitumen.
Addition of emulsifier with water facilitates breaking of bitumen into minute
particles and keeps it dispersed in suspension.
Therefore we can say that a bitumen emulsion is a liquid product consisting of
three things, (i.e. water + Emulsion + Bitumen) where droplets of bitumen are
suspended in water.



1-Emulsions are used in bituminous road construction work. They are especially
helpful for maintenance and patch repair works.
2-Emulsion can be used in wet weather even when it is raining.
3-Also emulsions have been used in soil stabilization, particularly for stabilization
of sands in desert areas.
4-A rapid setting type emulsion is suitable for surface dressing and penetration
macadam type of construction.
5-Medium setting type is used for premixing with coarse aggregates.
6-In case of fine aggregates, the surface area of aggregate is more and as a result
long duration of time is required to mix the emulsion. Therefore slow setting
emulsion is preferred which gives sufficient time for uniform blending of the mix.


1-The strength properties of bitumen are preserved in emulsion mixes since
emulsions do not need hot mixing. Generally cold mixing or just slightly warming
the ingredients of the emulsion mix are done for construction of pavements.
2-Emulsion can be used in wet weather even when it is raining.
3-Emulsions possess anti-stripping properties.
4-Emulsions with lower viscosity or thinner consistency improve spread ability
and allows better coating of the bitumen on the surface of aggregate.
5-There is no wastage during laying and storage.
6-Since emulsions are water based, there is less effect on the environment.
7-It is the least energy intensive of all construction material: there is no need to

Exportation of bitumen emulsion:

According to latest News Agency; exports bitumen to 19 countries.
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