Soluble bitumen are obtained by dissolving pure bitumen in solvents or petroleum oils. The type and quality of soluble bitumen depends on the quality of the original pure bitumen, the type and amount of solvent. The higher the amount of petroleum solvents in the bitumen solution, the greater its fluidity. Lack of access to bitumen heating equipment, decomposition of bitumen at high temperatures, cooling of bitumen during operation, impossibility of its penetration into porous minerals, necessity of workers’ safety, fire and time spent, which in some cases Soluble bitumen are used. Soluble bitumen are classified based on the degree of viscosity and are divided into the following three groups according to the setting speed and the type of solvent.


Rapid Or Accelerating Bitumen (RC) :


If gasoline or other light solvents are used to dissolve pure bitumen, soluble bitumen is called quick-setting. Because the solvent in bitumen evaporates shortly after consuming soluble bitumen and the main bitumen remains.

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Types Of RC Grades :


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