cutback bitumen 2021

cutback bitumen 2021

cutback bitumen

why cutback bitumen ?

cutback bitumen is one of the most useful bitumen in the world. in fact

CUTBACK bitumen is an oil product that is produced by correcting bitumen in petroleum hydrocarbons, and that is why it reduces viscosity and penetrates, increasing bitumen on the asphalt surface.

After evaporation of the solvent, the remaining bitumen is equal in hardness to the penetration bitumen.


cutback bitumen | why Bitumen Cutback | cutback bitumen Expenditures
cutback bitumen | why Bitumen Cutback | cutback bitumen Expenditures



Best Quality of Cutback Bitumen in the world

The cutback bitumen are placed in the factory with the best quality and raw materials. Due to the existence of the most equipped bitumen and asphalt laboratory in the Middle East, the best Cutback bitumen are produced in BitucoGroup factories and supplied to 5 continents all over the world according to the desired packaging.

Best Quality of Cutback Bitumen in the world
Best Quality of Cutback Bitumen in the world

Application of Cutback bitumen


sometimes has been seen that it is not possible to use solid bitumen for road construction and asphalt roads due to the conditions.

For this reason, usually use cutback bitumens. In fact, cutback bitumen 23 is obtained by dissolving pure bitumen in some industrial petroleum solutions and oils.



Liquidity and type and quality of cutback bitumen depends on the quality of the original pure bitumen as the most important component – the type and amount of solvent composition.

The higher the solvent contentcaused to being of smoother cutback bitumen. This amount of product will vary according to the type of use and customer order, but in general in cutback bitumens produced in the Middle East, this size is 10% to 50%

The most important reasons for using cutback bitumen are the following :


  • No need for heating devices for cutback bitumen


2-  Decomposition of bitumen at high temperatures  for cutback bitumen


  • Cooling cutback bitumen while working


  • Impossibility to penetrate minerals of cutback bitumen



  • More worker safety


6- Longer useful life


Tips on how to use cutback bitumen


One of the points that many do not observe in the production of cutback bitumen is the degree of acidity.A good quality cutback bitumen should have the right degree of acidity. This degree of acidity Stick to wet surfaces as well And have good adhesion.

Cutback Indications

Use cutback for bituminous surfaces and columns 

Surface asphalt

Cold asphalt mills or mixtures used on site

Types Of Cutback Bitumen

cut back bitumen is divided to 3 main type :

  • Rapid Curring Cutback Bitumen
  • Medium Curring Cutback Bitumen
  • Slow Curring  Cutback Bitumen

we will talk more in details in future about this popular Bitumen


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