History of Gilsonite (Mineral bitumen, Natural bitumen)


The mineral known as gilsonite (Mineral bitumen or Natural bitumen) was first discovered in the early 1860s. in the middle of 1880s that Samuel H. Gilson promoted it as a waterproof coating for wooden columns and for electrical insulation of power cables and as a unique coating. The initial promotion of Gilsonite was so popular in 1888 that Gilson and her partner founded the first company to extract and market it on a large scale. 

What is Gilsonite? 

Gilsonite is crude oil. when crude oil has grown and transported to the earth’s surface over millions of years and appeared as crystals near the upper surface of the earth due to pressure and temperature factors and aslo the time of volatiles. This name was due to this fact that the first person who discover this product and sell it commercially in the market was Gilson (Samuel Gilson), who after registering this brand, led the American company Gilsonite, and today the whole world knows this product by his name.

This valuable product contains more than 100 elements and can be combined and homogenized with 160 other materials and its soft temperature is between 148 to 240 degrees Celsius and its permeability is up to  0.4 millimeters.



Product Space: Europe and China


Types of Gilsonite Grades :


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Mesh 200, Ash 24%

Mesh 200, Ash 5-10%

Mesh 30-40, Ash 10%

Mesh 200, Ash 15%

Mesh 200, Ash 10%