History Of Oxidized Bitumen :

Oxidized bitumen was first obtained in 1890 from the reaction of hot bitumen with oxygen, followed by extensive research on process variables, device design, and control of chemical reactions.


Oxidized Bitumen :

In order for petroleum bitumen with a high degree of softness to have elasticity even in cold weather, it is blown into the air to oxidize it. Blowing hot air into the pure bitumen in the final stage of the filtration process results in a blown bitumen (Rubbery Grade). In this process, hot air at a temperature of 200 to 300 ° C is blown into the chamber containing the bitumen through perforated pipes. As a result of this process, the hydrogen atoms in the molecules of bitumen hydrocarbons combine with the oxygen in the air, and with the formation of water, polymerization takes place and bitumen with the properties of mineral bitumen is formed. The abbreviation for blown bitumen is R. For example, bitumen R 85-25 means blown bitumen with a degree of softness of 85 and a degree of penetration of 25.


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Types Of Oxidized Grades : 


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