History Of Modified Bitumen :


Modified polymer bitumen was first used in the roofing industry and later in road construction. In 1965, polypropylene (APP), an by-product of the production of isotactic propylene (IPP), was first used to modify roofing bitumen in Italy. Until the early 1970s, SBS was not widely used in Europe; While in 1978, Americans began to make extensive use of bitumen in roofing. In 1980, the first American manufacturer of polymer modified bitumen (PMB) was launched. The invention of bitumen-based components and isobutylene was introduced in the early 1940s. After that, especially after the introduction of SBS for bitumen modification, many inventions were introduced all over the world.

PMB : 

Since bitumen alone has never had completely satisfactory physical properties, researchers are always trying to improve the properties of bitumen. Improving the properties of bitumen will increase its quality and increase the service life of the coating, and as a result, the maintenance and repair costs of the coating will be significantly reduced. The most important bitumen modifiers are polymers, especially thermoplastic rubbers such as SBS and SIS. Increasing these polymers increases the bitumen resistance to deformation, depression and secondary impact due to traffic, wear and cracking.

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