Product Name: BITUMEN Viscosity Grade VG40


General information:



  • DESCRIPTION: So-called refinite bitumen grades are derived from the aqueous vacuum distillation tower and are divided by their viscosity (viscosity). The most widely used bitumen are in the road construction, insulation, construction and also bitumen production. In terms of use, bitumen VG30 is more suitable for temperate climates.
  • Classification is based on the viscosity of bitumen according to the absolute viscosity value at 60 ° C or kinematic viscosity at 135 ° C, and the specific technical criteria for each of them are determined. Absolute viscosity is expressed in pov and kinematic viscosity is expressed in Santa Stokes. Classification and specifications of pure bitumen’s are reported in AASHTO-M226 and ASTM-D3381 standards.
  • Application: One of the bitumen products is bitumen VG40. This type of bitumen is used in areas of high pressure such as intersections, near tolls and truck parking rather than old bitumen with a permeability of 30-40. Due to the high viscosity of this bitumen, solid bitumen can be produced to improve tensile strength and other problems associated with higher temperatures and heavy traffic loads.
  • Packing: 180(Kg) new steel drum.
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